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Residential Property Management

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Saving you money

  • Our typical residential management fee is competitive and calculated on gross monthly rentals received. 

  • Type and nature of the property will determine the exact fee structure.

  • RESE has eliminated many industry inefficiencies in our systems-based business model and have passed these savings on to our clients. 

  • As a result, our competitive price point does not affect our ability to deliver sustainable, predictable property management services.     

  • Each project is carefully reviewed to ensure we understand the exact scope of work and your expectations. 

  • Fees are taken out of the first month’s rent - you have zero out of pocket when you appoint RESE to manage your propertyThere are NEVER any additional fees, costs or charges, for as long RESE manages the property.

  • RESE relies on a network of approved licensed and insured vendors to provide repairs + maintenance services.

  • We are confident you will get value for money repairs + maintenance service delivery.                              


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